Delicious steaming pizzas
Genuinely Italian cuisine
Succulent cuts of meat prepared to perfection

Roemerkeller: Restaurant, Pizzeria and Steakhouse

Our concern is to give Roemerkeller's guests the opportunity to have an experience in which they feel welcomed and can relax, taste, share and socialize. Our effort is not only directed at the search for the quality of raw materials, but also at the offer in the variety of dishes offered so that we can satisfy all palates.
From the land to the sea; from selected meat - of the highest quality - to the different pizza doughs (including gluten-free); from a cool mug of beer to a glass of wine from the fine label: the eno-gastronomic offer is rich, curated...all to be discovered!

About us

A journey marked by passion, people, courage and the desire to grow and expand. A family history that has grown within our territory.



Our restaurants do not have a closing day. You can always find us here!



In our restaurants the wide range of offerings will be able to satisfy everyone.

Veggy &


Choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes



Different locations all in roemer style

Our Romerkellers

Romerkeller Lagundo
Located on the ancient Via Claudia Augusta, ideal for all kinds of events.
Romerkeller Bolzano
Located in the heart of Bolzano, in its characteristic Römer-style.
Romerkeller Merano Portici
In the heart of Merano, located at the higher the arcades in a 14th century building.
Roemerkeller Padova
The restaurant located between Abano Terme and Padua is the perfect venue for every need.
Romerkeller Lana
Our restaurant and kiosk are located inside the Lido Lana.
Romerkeller Merano Corso
One of the first restaurants in the city of Merano.
Roemerkeller Bolzano By Napura
Located in the heart of Bolzano ....

Our passion

The Roemerkeller will conquer even the most demanding palates with their hospitality. Their strengths are traditional and genuine cuisine in a cosy and intimate atmosphere.
We strive to offer you the best gastronomy to surprise you with our delicious cuisine. We pay great attention to the origin of our ingredients as well as the quality of the raw materials.

Delicious steaming pizzas

Our pizzeria gives way to choose a wide range of pizzas offered in our menu. For our pizza doughs, we use only top-quality ingredients to ensure our guests the best possible quality.

Restaurant & Steakhouse
Genuinely Italian cuisine and top-quality meats.

From the land to the sea; from selected meats - of the highest quality - to different pizza doughs (including gluten-free); from a cool mug of beer to a glass of wine with a fine label: the food and wine offerings are rich, curated...all to be discovered!
As a steakhouse we offer succulent cuts of meat prepared to perfection.

Plan your own private event

Corporate dinner, private party and much more

I was here for dinner with friends. House specialty is meat, especially cuberoll and hamburger very good!
To come back!

Elegant and cozy place. Rustic decor,mainly wood with attention to detail. Efficient and fast service and satisfactory dining with attention to dietary preferences (vegetarian and vegan). The bill is honest for the quantity of the courses and the service itself.

A late summer evening , pleasant temperature and we sit confidently at the Roemerkeller. The 'offer is full-bodied, appetizers, starters, local cuisine, etc. but we opt for a pizza. A more than positive experience and I will definitely return to the Roemerkeller to expand the 'menu offerings.

Roemerkeller Bolzano
Via dei Grappoli, 9
39100 Bolzano BZ
329 366 1303
Roemerkeller Merano Portici
Via Portici, 107
39012 Merano BZ
380 690 3668
Merano Corso
Corso Libertà 54
39012 Merano BZ
+39 324 5568737
Romerkeller Lana
Via Bolzano, 67
39011 Lana BZ
388 899 8707
Roemerkeller Lagundo
Via Mercato 12
39022 Lagundo BZ
+39 329 6374442
Roemerkeller Padova
Via Romana Aponense 137
35142 Padova PD
+39 328 1786333
Lido Scena
Strada Vecchia, 12
39017 Scena BZ
327 2299690

Where to find us

7 Restaurants Roemerkeller


  • Lana
  • Padova
  • Bolzano
  • Merano Corso
  • Merano Portici
  • Lagundo
  • Scena